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Priscilla Todd

Priscilla Todd


I was born when my parents, who each have Native American heritage, lived at Aneth, UT on the Navajo Nation. Aneth was an isolated boarding school where my father worked as the principal and my mother a teacher. The children would come to the boarding school beginning at the age of six, and live there for the school year. Water came from a well and had to be heated over a fire; there was no electricity or roads.   It was a day’s travel to town for supplies if the adobe clay was dry or frozen as one could not travel at all if it was wet. We later moved and I was raised on the Ute Mountain Indian Reservation. Our lives were simple, we owned little, but my childhood was full of imagination, exploration, learning and love. Art was an indigenous part of my culture and I learned that there is much beauty in simplicity. I shared my parents with hundreds of little children over the years and learned that love is not finite, but simply expands to encompass all that come within its reach and this adds a deep richness to life. My parents gave me a legacy of the importance of learning for they were willing to sacrifice much to provide an education for the poor and forgotten.

I received my education at the University of Colorado where I studied pre-med with an emphasis in biology, additionally I studied Technical Sales and Service at Weber State University. I have many years of experience in working with children with special needs and they hold an exceptional place in my heart. I have been politically active, having served in a number of capacities, but retired from politics after I served as the mayor of Centerville City and brought in the Marketplace development.

My husband, Jim, and I have six children and fifteen grandchildren. We enjoy hiking, camping, and reading. I additionally enjoy painting, drawing, and other forms of art media and could live in my garden happily ever after.

I deeply believe that no man is an island, but we each build on the foundation that was laid by the influence, effort, and wisdom shared with us through another’s compassion and caring. In this way we really are united as a human family and must give credit to those who helped us become who and what we are for they truly are a part of us. And it is this that makes teaching not just a profession, but a life changing experience. It is this that makes all the difference. I look forward to learning from and serving with each of you and becoming a part of the DREAM TEAM that makes Ascent Academy unique and choice as a learning environment.


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