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Schoolwide Enrichment Model

The Schoolwide Enrichment Model (SEM) is a research-based educational philosophy from the University of Connecticut.

Experience the Difference

Ascent Academies of Utah (AAU) places student learning and individual development first by fostering small classes and a personalized education led by supportive faculty. True to the AAU mission, students achieve academic excellence through the integration of the Schoolwide Enrichment Model. Our core academic vision is achieved through igniting a passion for learning in our students that is unrivaled in other academic settings. 

Enrichment Clusters

All AAU students participate in Enrichment Clusters. “Enrichment Clusters allow groups of students who share a common interest to come together each week during specially designated time blocks to produce a product, performance, or targeted service, based on that common interest” (Renzulli, Gentry & Reis (2003) Enrichment Clusters; a practical plan for real-world, student-driven learning). Weekly, 90 minute (45 for Kindergarten Enrichment Clusters at AAU schools focus on students’ strengths and interests and provide unique opportunities for students to develop their talents.

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