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Ascent Mountaineer Parents

Parent Volunteer Tracker

Ascent Mountaineer Parent (AMP) committees will be established to facilitate communication and involvement between parents and teachers.

Volunteerism is crucial to the success of Ascent Academies, and we encourage each family to volunteer thirty (30) hours per school year. Volunteer opportunities may include working with students, assisting teachers, and participating in school-wide activities through serving on committees. We are grateful for all of the parents’ and community members’ efforts to support Ascent Academies’ program.

The Farmington Campus AMP committees will work to support students/teachers and plan meaningful activities for our students.

Although our preference is that our families are involved in the efforts at Ascent Academies, we recognize that due to scheduling constraints, some families may not be able to meet their 30 hour commitment. An option to volunteering includes providing a monetary donation. A donation of $2 is the equivalent of one hour volunteer time. You can make a donation in the office or online. Once you have made your donation, enter the time equivalent using the Volunteer Tracker link above.


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