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Greg Guggisberg

Greg Guggisberg

First Grade Teacher

After years of an unfulfilling career in retail management and listening to my older brother’s inspiring stories about teaching, 14 years ago I made the great decision to become a teacher. Teaching in elementary grades from 2nd to 6th has been exhilarating as well as challenging, but I’ve never looked back! Now I have my own inspiring stories to tell.

I am from Phoenix but moved to Utah to get my bachelor’s degree in (well, let’s just say it was longer ago than I’d like to admit). Now I also have my master’s degree and live in Centerville with my family, just a mile away. My wife is a school psychologist, my oldest daughter lives in Washington, D.C., and my youngest three kids are at home.  My oldest sone Spencer attends Weber State, while Seth is at Viewmont and my youngest daughter is in junior high involved with the Chinese Immersion program.  I love spending time with my family and watching them grow and learn, attending sporting events with my kids (we love to go to Bees games and Jazz games), and learning about America’s history. 

I love teaching 1st grade and watching these beautiful young wones starting out in math.  We have a wonderful math program here that helps these students connect the dots in all areas of math.  Come join us!  You’ll love the adventure.


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