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COVID F.A.Q.'s for parents

Posted Date: 08/06/2020

Ascent Academies of Utah Farmington

Covid-19 Frequently Asked Questions

This document contains Frequently Asked Questions about the Ascent Academies of Utah Farmington campus reopening plan.  This document is subject to change as information becomes available throughout the Utah Department of Health and the Governor's office. Remember that the procedures that we have had to put in place to respond to Covid-19 are temporary. We will reevaluate these procedures when the risk is past. We appreciate your help as we try to keep our students safe and healthy. 


When can a parent use an exemption for the face-covering mandate?

A parent can pick up the “COVID-19 Student Face Covering Exemption Request Form” in the front office.  It must be filled out completely and returned to administration. The administration will contact you if the face-covering exemption has been approved or denied.


What is classified as a face covering?

A face covering is defined as a cloth mask, face shield, or a neck scarf that can be pulled over mouth and nose.  The face-covering must cover the nose and mouth. Masks may have designs on them or be any color, but they may not have any vulgar language, offensive messages, or bloody or gory images on them (think Halloween rules).


Who will be required to wear a face-covering?

Everyone over the age of three, unless awarded an exemption, will be required to wear a face-covering on school property. 


What if my child doesn’t wear a mask?

If a student refuses to wear a mask and does not have an exemption, their parents will be contacted and the student will be sent home. 


What if my child comes to school without a mask?

A student may ask for a disposable facemask from the front office, and the administration will contact a parent to remind them of the need for a face covering.  If a student comes to the office to request a mask more than five times, the student will be unable to return to school without a face covering. 


What does breakfast/lunch look like at my campus? 

Breakfast will be served in the cafeteria starting at 8:00 am. Students will be able to sit at the tables and will social distance. Lunch will be served in the classrooms. 


When can my student enter the building in the morning?

The doors to the building will be open at 8:15.  Students will not be allowed to enter the building before 8:15 am, unless they are eating breakfast. Once the school is open, students will go directly to their classroom or to the cafeteria to get breakfast. Students may not “hang out” in the hallways before class, and may not congregate in the atrium or in kivas.

Is carpool different in any way at my campus?

Carpool procedures will not be changed. However, there will be multiple building entrances in use this year. We are asking that students enter and exit the building according to their assigned doorway, this is meant to limit the number of times in which students are around others to limit points of contact.  We ask that students arrive at school before the tardy bell rings at 8:25 and all students should be picked up before 3:30. School is out at 3:05.


What will Back to School Night look like at my campus & how will parents & students meet teachers?

Back to school night will be virtual. Your teacher will be sending a welcome back video, this will be accompanied by videos from our school administration, as well as by videos from our student government officers. A live question and answer session will be held with each teacher on Thursday the 13th as well.  If students and parents would still like a chance to meet their teacher, they can set up an appointment with the teacher for Friday, August 14th. 


What will recess look like at my campus?

Students will be able to play on the field and blacktop behind the school during recess.  The playground equipment will not be utilized. Students may not bring any toys or equipment to recess.  After recess, students will have a cool-down for about 5 minutes before entering the building.  The cooldown will consist of light stretching and deep breathing so that students don’t come into the building breathing heavily. 

What does PE look like at my campus?

Students will be wearing a mask during PE unless social distancing is possible. Elementary PE will also be limited to one class per session (as opposed to two classes from years past). 


What about the water fountains in the classrooms/ bathrooms? 

Water fountains will not be in use this school year. Students may bring water bottles from home. 


What does front office procedures look like?

Visitors to the front office must be “buzzed” in.  Before coming into the office, all people over the age of three must have on a face covering.  Only one or two guests may be in the office at a time. Please remember that in order to check out a student you must have an ID and be on the student’s Aspire account. 


What is the procedure if my student is ill at school?

When a student is feeling ill at school, an adult will take the student’s temperature, and if the temperature is above 100.4 the student will be placed in an isolation room and parents will be contacted to pick up the student. If the temperature is below 100.4 but the student is experiencing other symptoms, then the student will be placed in the isolation room and parents will be contacted to come pick up the student.  


What if a student contracts COVID-19?

The school is required to contact the Health Department if a student has a confirmed case of Covid-19. We will follow their directions. 


What safety precautions have been put in place? 

Whenever possible we will practice social distancing. Masks or face shields will be required of all individuals within the building. Social distancing markers will be placed in prominent areas in the hallways. Hand sanitizer stations will be set up in every single classroom as well as shared areas and offices. Students will enter the building in a specific entrance based on their grade level. Students will be greeted at the door by faculty member, that faculty member will take their temperature. If a student has an elevated temperature they will be brought to an isolated area and monitored until they may be picked up from school. Once students enter the building, they are expected to go directly to their classroom. Their classroom teacher will be waiting for them there. There will be faculty members monitoring the hallways to make sure that students follow this expectation. The teachers and students will work diligently to sterilize their workstations in between each learning session. Lunch will take place in the classroom. Arrangements will be made in the case of students who have food allergies. 


What will it look like if we have to transition to online learning in the event of a school closure?

Our teachers are being trained on a specific way to structure their canvas courses. They will have their canvas courses mirroring what is going on in the daily classroom learning. There are multiple reasons for this. One is that should your child need to be away from school for a time, they will already be familiar with exactly what kinds of things will be expected of them in day-to-day learning online. Also, should we go into another school closure The online learning environment will already be mirroring the in-person learning environment? Therefore the students will be familiar with the programs they are using and the types of assignments that they are doing. In addition to this, our teachers are being asked to place a short summary of each assignment in the canvas at the very beginning of the assignment, this is so that you, as a parent may know exactly what is expected of your child on each assignment.