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Steffanie Wigren

Steffanie Wigren


Hello and welcome to my art room!   I love making and creating art and helping others to do the same.  I love to see students learn and rise above their own expectations to find success.  I taught art at a Jr. High in West Jordan, for several years, after graduating from B.YU. with a degree in art education K-12. After having time to raise my family, I have returned to the classroom.  I have had years of studying and reading and practicing several art forms.  I have found joy in drawing and painting while on vacation, in “plein air”, or painting on the spot outside.   Being involved in an art form is a source of happiness and time to focus on the beauty of this world.


My husband and I have two children, who have grown up to be incredible young adults. We enjoy gardening, bike riding, being outdoors, family time, and reading.  My art interests include, drawing, painting, ceramics, crafts, interior design, cooking, architecture design and photography.  I also have a love of music with singing, playing the piano, organ and the ukulele.


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