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Allison Weber

Allison Weber

Third Grade Teacher

My name is Allison Weber, and I am so excited to teach this year!


When I was 8, I wanted to be a paleontologist. When I first went to school, I wanted to be a video game designer. Oh, how plans changed! I decided to be a teacher for that "a-ha" moment, where a student finally understands something that's been tricky for such a long time. I graduated from WGU in 2020 with my Bachelor's in K-8 Education, though I've been working in informal education for over 8 years.


Outside of school, I love video games, drawing, and crafting. I'm a huuuge nerd--2020 will be my first year missing Salt Lake Comic Con! I have two siblings, Sam (17) and Lindsay (20); two furry siblings (Cheeky, a pit bull mix, and Mickey, a shepherd mix); a furry niece (Dixie, a hound mix); a furry nephew (Russel, a mini beagle); and a feathery sibling (DeeDee, a severe macaw). My dream vacation is to visit Italy with my mom.


"Science is the best idea humans ever had." - Bill Nye


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